523 Unknown creature was found by soldiers

Unknown creature was found by soldiers

Posted on August 28, 2006 by team

This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it’s the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow (Russia is huge). People don’t know who is it. According to the bones and teeth – it is not a fish. According to its skeleton – it’s not a crocodile or alligator. It has a skin with hair or fur. It has been said that it was taken by Russian special services for in-depth studies, and we are lucky that people who encountered it first made those photos before it was brought away.



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523 responses to “Unknown creature was found by soldiers”

  1. Fark says:


  2. Chris says:

    Spooky images – but I bet that’s some kind of dolphin/porpoise/false killer whale.
    I doubt the bit about hair or fur.

    Nevertheless – there is much more to the undersea than we know…

  3. John says:

    20-1 it a hoax. Remember that “dinosaur” that washed up on a beach a couple of months ago. Looks like a copy-cat.

  4. Boris Russian says:

    This not hoax! This great example of many many wildlifes in Mother Russia, environmental capital of world!

  5. elmer fudd says:

    that’s a croc. not the story, the skeleton is a crocodile. they are known to adventure out to sea. maybe this one ventured too far and got lost or died and got carried by the currents. maybe it’s an australian croc?


    • Allara says:

      I know my reptiles okay, so I can safely say it isn’t an Alligator or Crocodile. One its head is too wide to be a crocodile. Two its teeth would be sharp for tearing flesh. If it was a crocodile it would have the tips of it’s teeth on the outside of the opposite lip. Three its head is too short for it to be either Crocodile or Alligator. Four its head wouldn’t be that streamlined. If you look at the nose of the Alligator or Crocodile the flesh is in lumps around it’s mouth. If you don’t believe me just look at one. This creatures lips look awfully straight for the Crocodile/Alligator excuse. How come so many teeth are missing? Crocodiles and Alligators grow teeth back to replace missing, dull, and broken teeth. Whatever happend had to cause it to lose it’s teeth close to when it died. It’s neck also isn’t long enough to be a plesiosaur. If it was a Raptor of any kind then where is its back legs and why was it so in or near water? If I missed anything please tell me I’ll retract any claims if proven wrong. Personally, I believe it is some sea creature we haven’t seen before. They heard echo-location in Lake Lochness where there was no creature that they knew of that lived there using such. The bigger question is why did it die?

    • seth says:

      well if you read the actual story, they say the skeleton is “not a crocodile or alligator”

  6. David says:

    It’s a bulga whale.

  7. Lucas says:

    its an orco
    almost identical, except for some added seaweed

  8. Melissa says:

    well I definetly have to say I am confident it is an Orca.. a.k.a Killer Whale.. I have studied them… oh and here


  9. jen says:

    It’s an orca, also known as a “killer whale.” Take a look at these photos. It’s pretty obviously the same thing.


  10. Dark Crystal says:

    It’s clearly a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal movie… Clearly.

  11. Chris says:

    Oh the huge manatee!

  12. Dee says:

    Oh you sceptics this is real. Check it out in the next few months no one will have admitted its a fake and the thing will diaspear like those of Rosswell.
    There’s a kind of sadness about it too.
    Why do we always deny things before they are properly investigated. “Afraid? yes be very Afraid” they are out there and they are checking us out!!
    If Satalite can map into people on the ground. These beings have been doing just that for centuries. No real need to visit, its to dangerous with the likes of Bush around. No seriously don’t dismiss this as a hoax.

  13. […] Unknown creature was found by soldiers […]

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    > why does the “head” in the bottom pictures not match the gaping jaws of the head in the top pictures?

    Because the bottom pictures are of the tail. The head doesn’t look like the tail, because it is not catdog.

    • tillithy says:

      LOL…CATDOG….LOL.i had to laugh…probably we misunderstood him,maybe he meant to say the other pictures of the head.To me this creature looks vry real,there are man animals(Sea creatures mostof all) that we have ye to discover….don’t be so skeptical,accept the reality that we are not the only habitants of this earth and the whole universe,we weren’t the first and won’t be the last.

  15. Frank says:

    It is the monster of lochness!!

  16. Marcello says:


  17. Dude says:


    Here’s a little something about Beluga whales at wiki. At the bottom it says both the US and Russia trained these whale for anti-mining operations. So perhaps this is some Russian Navy exercise gone horribly wrong? Which the reason why millitery got involved in collecting the remains?

  18. eduardo says:

    thats not a croc because crocs dont have flat teeth like that.

  19. Papa says:

    It’s your mama!

  20. […] Russians have stumbled across a grisly looking cryptid on the beach that looks suspicously like the lumbering skeksis from The Dark Crystal. Is this a marketing ploy for the sequel? Does China really have gelflings? The answers to these questions and more is: no. […]

  21. Raven says:

    Hey maybe it was a crocadile that swam too close to cherynobyl!

  22. Magebane says:

    How many times do i have to tell you smokers not to litter now look whats happened.

    This so fake…looks like a camels skull.

  23. thomas says:

    It’s certainly not a crocodile/alligator.

    The thing that bothers me about calling it a beluga whale is that the teeth appear to be those of a plant-eater — flat on top and broad, not pointed like the teeth of the skeletal beluga. But if this were some kind of whale, it could explain the fur, because whales are mammals.

    If someone wanted to know for sure, there could be DNA testing of the hair or that goop at the end of the tail.

    Ah, well. I am sure it stunk.

  24. twatty says:

    i’d hit it

  25. k1llm4ster says:

    belo achado.. espero que descubram logo o que é..

  26. Will says:

    Its an alligator or croc no hair its rotting flesh. And I dont get the whole the bones dont match what the hell it looks exactly like an alligator or a croc.

  27. Rubenko says:

    its a killer whale

  28. Rubenko says:

    but then dead

  29. Whatever it is – it definitively looks cool!

  30. jake says:

    100% BELUGA WHALE !

    I have studied marine life for 12years.
    This IS without a doubt a Beluga whale.

    Check the links provided by others above.
    You will see the similarities.

    Also, someone mentioned the teeth were flat.

    This is a normal occurence for any aged mammal.

    Id say this Beluga died of old age.

    Very kool pic though.

  31. Everett says:

    I examined your pictures and I see a hoof on this so called creature and it looks like a fake! Maybe a dead horse and a whale body!

  32. ilikeitrough says:

    maybe it’s my ex……….

  33. Karen says:

    i love the comment about this being a pic of skeksis, from the dark crystal I practically cried, laughing, i CANT wait for china to release pics of their native gelflings. Thanks for that hysterical rift o’ laughter. great sense of humour!!!

  34. It’s a legless horse. News at 11.

  35. dalla says:

    per me e’ un coccodrillo

  36. lazycat says:

    it’s madonna!

  37. zneerg says:

    OMG, who freakin really cares? There’s probably an easy explanation of what it is, things look diff when stripped down, like the beluga whale possibility. Totally believable.
    But truth is, we really don’t even know what exists in the depths of the ocean do we?

  38. Mike says:

    I’d say that’s a composite. Crocodile with a steer head. It’s no dino, for sure. The teeth would either be pegs (marine and herbivore-style) or blades (T-Rex, Utahraptor).

  39. SG-17 says:

    i think it is a prehistoric creature that was frozen in an iceburg/glacier that recently melted

  40. SG-17 says:

    or it could have been barfed up by something

  41. banjo says:

    i think its the elusive Cumquat whale.

  42. Zoido says:

    It’s Anna Nicole Smith.

  43. The Sakhalin Creature And Foolishness Proven Worthwhile…

    According to a brief article from EnglishRussia.com, an ‘unknown creature’ was found by Russian soldiers. The text: …

  44. kent says:

    it has to be a sea lion from the past. I wonder what it tastes like chicken or tuna?

  45. MasterMind says:

    OMG, They finally found that horse I shoved a crocodile up it’s butt and tossed over board to see if it would swim!! Can someone explain why if this was such a big find that Russia didn’t hype this find and get back in the limelight again? Go with the whale theory. We won’t know, because it’s just a set of pictures and we don’t have someone making any further claims. If a lion skeleton washed up in Florida, people there would think it was a sea monster skeleton as well.

  46. Durp says:

    It’s clearly a dessicated cetacean.

  47. Gelfling says:

    Dude, that is definitely a dead skeksis… Just look it up!

  48. Dennis J. says:

    It’s a crock, all right!

  49. skip friendly says:

    You all are a bunch of dead sea monster HATERS.

  50. jimminy says:

    it is the skeleton of a puppet used by Jim Henson in “the Dark Crystal”

  51. xadrian says:

    It’s Mystic, not Skeksis.

    My question is, even I’ve heard of a beluga whale. If that’s the case, why was it called “mysterious?” We have scientists people.

  52. jimminy says:

    ooh…just read some of the comments above and realized i am clearly laggin behind on my insight. but i think that helps prove incontrovertibly that it is a Skesis.

  53. Dan says:

    The Skeksis and the UrRu Mystics were actually one creature, divided by the dark crystal into two –

    So if it is one, it is both –

  54. its the REAL princess Diana, we call for another month of global mourning!

    you heartless scum!!

  55. Crocodile Hunter says:

    Crikey !! Steve Irwin’s revenge !

  56. Dippy says:

    It’s a Wyvern!

  57. philip witak says:

    re: #35 – “…if this were some kind of whale, it could explain the fur…”
    Comment by thomas — August 31, 2006 @ 4:10 am

    what ocean have you been swimming in, thomas? i don’t recall ever hearing about furry whales. i think that fur would significantly inhibit them from moving efficiently through the water.

    my best guess – based on all of the facts in evidence – its rosie o’donnell. just yesterday on her ‘view’ debut, she mentioned bathing her child while sharing the tub and the kid asks something similar to, ‘when am i gonna get some fur like you, mommie?’

    as far as i am concerned, that kid’s a confirmable source.

  58. Barnacle Barney says:

    It is a seal or a walrus or sea lion, something like that.
    I will put money on it.

  59. biped says:

    It looks dead.

  60. Thom says:

    Notice how the area where the head meets the rest is covered? That’s a horse’s skull. IT’S GOT FLAT TEETH FER CHRISAKE. HOAX!

  61. snowedin says:

    It’s my pet fish I flushed down the toilet a few years ago … poor Bubbles

  62. cheSF says:

    Somebody call Ann Coulter and see if her mother is missing!

  63. BC says:

    It’s Cecil! Does this mean Beanie’s dead and rotting, too?

  64. n says:

    I think Big Bird has died

  65. Nick says:

    I love that almost every Russian appears to be smoking a cigarette.

  66. Unknown Creature Found on Russian Beach…

    Russian soldiers found this interesting creature on the Sakhalin beach. Nobody is quite sure what it is – apparently the bones and teeth are not fish, it’s not a crocodile or alligator skeleton, and it’s skin appears to possibly have fur or…

  67. Charles Valentine says:

    It looks like a leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx) usually found in the Antarctic and north to the southern coasts of Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and South America.

    Maybe this one got lost and ended up in Sakhalin close to the Arctic.

  68. Dr. Biology says:

    As a renouned professor of sea biology for over 50 years I can confidently identify this creature as a member of mega-planktonious family, specifically grando bona topolis. They are quite common in the seas of eastern Russia, and known for being extremely furry, due to diet of eating hairy things.

  69. dogmouse says:




  70. dogmouse says:

    Everybody now! …in your highest pitched voices possible:

    …not only is it mearly dead, its really most sincerely dead!

  71. goldman says:

    SCUD Bush!

  72. µoj says:

    When its mouth is open it looks like Alf.


  73. Either that or the Skeksis.

  74. tardigrade says:

    ~ Rather then making up stories to coddle your buddies who have squandered our treasury, sullied the White House and undermined the foundations of this country, a week of silence would be best from you and your company.

    First, modern whales had conical teeth – that means that the exposed portion of the tooth plus the portion of the tooth that is imbedded in the jaw were shaped like two cones pointed in the opposite direction. This creature has multiple roots like we do and like dogs and cats and horses do. The oldest sea going mammals had teeth just like the ones shown on this page. Also, the cranial split down the nose was common for proto whales. It also does not have nostril openings – by the way – as a horse would… and many of the proto whales had nostrils higher up the ‘snout’ but not at the top of their heads – as they are today.

    Secondly, the tail and the body is similar to some of the skeletons of these animals…

    But, is it a hoax? Why not! If you got the time and the inclination and a specimen ….. wouldn’t you just for fun?

    But if it is real – coooooool.

  75. tardigrade says:

    oooops sorry I sent to you a copy of a message I sent with many others on to the ABC Disney folks who are broadcasting a 9/11 propaganda television show that has facts slanted to confuse …. sorry….

  76. lol2 says:


  77. Godfrey Daniel! That is the decaying carcass of one of the “Skekses,” the degenerate evil creatures from the Jim Henson movie “The Dark Crystal” from 1983 (here’s a picture: http://www.bookmice.net/darkchilde/dark/skeksis2.jpg). Swimming to Russia? Hey, what some non-existant creatures will do to get their picture on the internet. Not unlike Paris Hilton or President Bush . . .

  78. Manny says:

    Yeah it’s a Dinosaur alright, The last of the dinosaurs that roam the earth today? There called Crocodiles and Alligators

  79. that’s the skeleton of an Orca aka Killer Whale.

    Sorry but the russians didn’t discover nothing out of the ordinary.


  80. lookup terrorstorm says:

    Search for and watch terrorstorm, wake up, be informed, also available on google video.

    To the person thats says it’s an Orca, thanks for the links, it’s an orca for sure!

    Here is the link again:

  81. It looks like it stole Milli Vanilli’s wig — another great example of a fake act.

  82. annie says:

    the skull is most definitely not from a horse, the teeth look nothing like a horse and neither does the top half of the jaw.

  83. ghostieo says:

    Dark Crystal was right… I’m afraid the Skeksis may have become extinct.

  84. Effico says:

    It is Nigeria’s former dicator, Ibrahim Babangida.

  85. Zingo says:

    Does anyone know it’s sexual orientation?

  86. […] Russian soldiers on the Sakhalin shores of Russia (close to Japan) recently discovered an unknown creature’s remains lying on the sand. Take a look at the images in the link. When I saw those images, I was sure that I had seen a similar creature’s remains washed up somewhere in England, but alas, that was a giant blob of blubber that might have been a giant squid. When these incidents occur, it just reminds me how this world is still full of mysteries, still things unknown to man, still places to be explored. Our world is a wonderful place. […]

  87. Iceman says:

    It’s Big Bird!

  88. Chris says:

    I believe that it is most likely a baby killer whale, or porpoise os some sort. If you look at the teeth, and compare them to a killer whales, such as Shamoo from Seaworld, you will see that they are rounded. In addition, the snout is curved like a porpoise or baby killer whale’s. An alligator or crocodile has long teeth that are much thinner. As for the hair, the flesh is rotten beyond recognition. It might be the decaying skin hanging off, mixed with seaweed or seagrass of some kind. It’s most likely heavy, and had sat on the beach for a while before anyone had found it. This could expose it to the waves, which would repeatedly hit the carcas carrying debries in it, such as seaweed or seagrass. Then again, you never know, since the Megamouth Shark was not discovered until 1976.

  89. Homer says:

    Obvious to me that it’s Jimmy Hoffa!!!


  91. Michael Von Brah says:

    ITS A UFO!!!

  92. Pete Sagi says:

    Now we finally know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

  93. Zoicyte says:

    Hey….found this and it struck me.

    The chtonian dragon is a crocodile that represents water. He has the power to overflow the rivers or to dry the crops, both causing misery and death. He eats human flesh like a demon and is covered with hair or fur like a wild beast. His tail is the most important part.

    from http://dragons.monstrous.com

  94. Gerardo says:

    it looks like my friend miriam!

  95. latinchik says:

    OMG it looks like GERARDO!!!

  96. Andy-7M says:

    Damn, so funny some of you guys 🙂 Just reading some of the comments made my day.

    Either way, I’d agree with those mentioning Beluga. That would explain the fur.

    And why they wanted it to be a hoax? To make the tourist place out there? Or the guys in the photos just wanted to be local ‘heros’?

    Anyway, as long as head-back being covered with _DARK_ fur, I’d give 30% possibility of hoax.

  97. dudarino says:

    Looks like Jerry Springer after finally getting caught when igniting a fight on the stage… lololololol

  98. Helen says:

    It’s a Skeksis! Check out Dark Crystal if you’re not sure…

  99. Jay Walker says:

    Hmm, looks to me like it could be some sort of new al-Qaeda operative

  100. monkey says:

    Anybody seen The Dark Crystal?

  101. Pawel says:

    It’s Robert Maxwell I tell you. He’s finally washed up to put an end to all the ‘Where is that bloated granny robbing so and so now’ conspiracy theories. The fur clearly matches his legendary toupee.

  102. plum_cheek says:

    It’s now on sale at MacDonalds!

  103. Superdude! says:

    I know what it is!

  104. Superdude! says:

    Must be…

  105. NurseCarmen says:

    It’s teeth are flat because as it was rotting away in the ocean currents, the muscle, sinew, flesh, etc. of the orca jaw loosened to a point that there was lateral movement. It appears some may be from age and use, but the teeth in the front would easily be knocked out due to lateral movement.

  106. Taz says:

    For the brits amongst you, this looks like the b’stard offspring of coitus between Rod Hull and emu. Probly.

  107. Krash says:

    It’s clearly Big Bird. I haven’t seen him around recently, have you? Well, now we know why.

  108. Krash says:

    It’s clearly Big Bird. I haven’t seen him around recently, have you? Now we know why.

  109. paul "sexpest" dannan says:

    Never mind all that scientific speculation mumbo jumbo – smack it’s bum (whats left of it) and if it giggles it’s some gagging for it totty who wants dragging behing the nearest sand dune and humping. If it doesn’t? ……..erm, well…….erm, its obviously a dead bag of bones and rotting flesh…and…..and….very, very unattractive and not worth getting yourself too obsessed about. I’d probably still pour my heart out over my time with it in some gossip mag if anyone can spare the change. Just happy to help – anyone remember me from Celeb Love Island btw?

  110. philip witak says:

    sea monkey?

  111. Paul says:

    Looks like they found Nemo…

  112. Gerry says:

    omg it looks like me on steroids!

  113. wendel says:

    this is a mother of president bush

  114. no one says:

    did everyone fail to notice that one of the categories listed up top is “FUNNY” ??????????????????

  115. some know-it-all says:


  116. StriklyBEEF says:

    Osama Bin Laden?
    wow. its about time.

  117. Stewbob says:

    It sounds like the Aquatic Biologist who found a way to make Dolphins live forever. Feed them Seagull Hatchlings. So the Biologist is out collecting his hatchlings, and on his way back to the aquarium, two lions were asleep in his path. Instead of waking the lions to be mauled, he quietly stepped over the lions to get back to to feed the dolphins.
    He was shortly thereafter arrested for transporting young gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises. ahem.

  118. scout29c says:

    Maybe it’s related to Big Bird.

  119. scottishgooner says:

    OMG its Dave Campb before he got his hair cut and showered

  120. darin says:

    it’s a snake-oid, from the movie tremors.

  121. normans evil twin says:

    I love that almost every Russian appears to be smoking a cigarette.

    Comment by Nick — September 6, 2006 @ 3:19 pm

    It’s probably to cover up the stink of the thing. Wouldn’t do to have pics of Russians barfing on themselves.

    And yeah, it’s definitely a skeksis.

  122. Jem says:

    I dunno, i think it looks moree like a fraggle. a REALLY REALLY BIG RUSSIAN FRAGGLE. either way, Jim Henson would shed a tear for the poor dead muppet….

  123. Archie Arctopod says:

    It is clearly an Arctopus.

    The Arctopocalypse is here. Warmageddon is sure to follow.

  124. illuminati says:

    It is a Reptillian! David Icke knows.

  125. Nylund says:

    Its quite obviously Falcor from The Never Ending Story. I guess the Nothing did get him in the end.

  126. Jerry says:

    Your all wrong . . .
    it’s Ann Coulter after a rough night clubing

  127. Yannok says:

    It’s the easter bunny, I knew it was real. I didn’t know it was russian though.

  128. corgihound says:

    Here lie the mortal remains of “Big Bird”. . .

  129. Luzibella says:

    i’m going with the Dark Crystal theory too

    it makes people smoke and the beach wear…oh dear.

  130. Eraserhead says:

    I think the Dark Crystal folks are correct on this one. here’s another image of the “creature”…

  131. Eraserhead says:

    I think the Dark Crystal folks are correct on this one. Here’s another image of the “creature”…


  132. Donald says:

    That’s the big bird from Sesame Street!

  133. les maurice says:

    Bush’s social conscience.

  134. Bob Binns says:

    It’s Robert Maxwel’s body.

    Or a Skesis, same difference.

  135. DeeJayOz says:

    Now I’m really gonna be a geek (or a nerd. take your pick.). The Dark Crystal ‘creature’ is called a ‘Mystic’.

  136. Sakhalinian says:

    “Wool” usually grows when dead body long keep in the sea, it is – seaweed. It is tipical scull of whale/ Orca or beluga whale\
    Sorry, it is old sensation on the island.

  137. Varg says:

    Carcass ist kreig!

  138. madmonkey says:

    It’s a dead muppet!

  139. Bloody Booger says:

    Thats unfortunate…some poor Russian woman died and washed up on shore.
    Luckily they will be able to identify this poor lass with the help of dental records and DNA. If you have any sence of decency, remove these pictures! That is someones mother, sister, daughter, and wife for God’s sake!

  140. Ads says:

    I agree with Lucas, except it actually looks more like the “harbour porpoise” at the bottom of his link. Gotta luv the russki creativity!

  141. El Brucé says:

    Yeah, that’s totally a skeksis. I don’t even think it’s dead – just catching some rays on the beach.

  142. EBE says:

    Actually, is it too late to make a great pair of shoes from the damn things carcas ? Cmon, it’s a whale.

  143. Micky says:

    It’s obviously Sesame Street’s BIG BIRD. The kids’ll be heartbroken!

  144. the phantom says:

    it’s the mother of all hangovers!!

  145. Dougal says:

    “I call it a spider baby Ted!”

  146. simon says:

    it probably just washed up from the melting polar ice caps…

    yay for global warming…

  147. Mussar says:

    Guys you are all completely wrong! Its a secret weapon called “M7 Beast x”. I saw many of them on a secret base in Minsk. This one was destroyed by some secret defense units.

  148. ruff neck boye says:

    It’s a Shookus Da Bookus!!! and i should know!

  149. F T DAVIS says:

    Looks like Nikita Kruschev to me, expecially in the face. Be about the same age, same condition.

  150. jaymz says:

    ITS A Harbour Porpoise. heres a link to a skeleton of a harbour porpoise,.. the lower of the 2 in the pic. http://members.shaw.ca/spyhopper/Skeletals/HarborPorpoiseSkeleton.jpg

  151. Mr. Lee says:

    Chuck Norris usually deminishes these creatures but before he could round house kick this one, He forgot his own strength and sent it from the north pole all the way to russia were the soliders found it!!! I watched him do it from a distance just to make sure i didn’t die from the radiation of Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick.

  152. mogy bog says:

    Wow, I want to have sex with it!

  153. nikolai says:

    When I see it in Nationl Geographic, I’ll pay a little more attention. Until then, I’ll assume it’s my pretty pony on steroids or Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent.
    (A, Bob, Clampett, car-toooOOOOn!)

  154. ange says:

    i looked at all the pics in the links n feel its a killer whale too

  155. asasdasd says:

    A Harbour Porpoise IS 2 Metres long. That is clearly longer.

  156. FRANK says:

    it is the mummified head of sarah jessica parker. the rest is fake

  157. adam says:

    i sorry fguys but you are all rong it is a baby whale

  158. Charles Valentine says:

    The head resembles the “reptilian” look of the leopard seal’s head more than anything else. The head of the leopard seal is totally unlike that of any other seal.

  159. Ash says:

    Sorry guys. Nothing out of the extraordinary here, although I wish it were. It’s the skull of a beluga whale. The reason it looks odd is cause it’s probably been under sea for quite a while.

  160. john says:

    It is the aborted fetus of bill clinton and helen thomas’s love child……

  161. TehGuy says:

    Actually, whales and dolphins do have hair. All mammals do. Their hair is just so little you can’t see it.

  162. raincoaster says:

    I’m baffled not by the critter, but rather by the several commenters who say that it’s a beluga and “that would explain the fur.”


  163. raincoaster says:

    And leopard seals aren’t that big, sweetheart. I’ve gone right up to them in a boat, and they’re not as long as I am.

  164. deej says:

    Isn’t it one of those things from the Dark Crystal?

  165. Walter Nielsen says:

    It’s a mermaid on crack.

  166. Walter Nielsen says:

    No it not that it’s free Willy, but he not free this time.

  167. Walter Nielsen says:

    Hell I can write up a hole lot of dumb. No one realy knows what it is. All we realy know is that what ever it was is dead now.

  168. Mr Realistic says:

    Well either the people who found it are lying, in which case it’s a hoax or they’re telling the truth in which case we have to credit them with some intelligence and accept what they say about it.
    If it’s got fur then it’s a mammal. so it’s not a croc etc. and it doesn’t look like one to me.
    It seems not to have any prominent major limbs which means it is entirely aquatic – something that big would need big legs if it were to move on land. This also proves it’s not a croc.
    I disagree that the skull looks like a beluga or an orca and they certainly don’t have fur in that abundance although the rest of the skeleton does look like the pics in links above.
    People who say the fusion line down the skull means it’s not real are wrong. Most mamalian skulls have fusion lines on them, quite often down the middle.
    The lack of nostrils at the front of the upper jaw also suggests whales over other aquatic mamals but actually what’s that hole just above the teeth? some sort of nostril?
    The teeth look like worn-down pointy single-rooted ones to me (in fact one of them is clearly still pointy) so pointing back to whales again but, back to my first point, if we believe the finders the russians took it away for detailed analysis. I wouldn’t do that with a whale carcass and as someone else mentioned the russians do have scientists you know. I think identifying a beached whale is probably within their capabilities…

  169. Jess says:

    The guy in full cammo is clearly Conan O’Brien.

  170. biology girl says:

    i vote its a teradactil!

  171. CD-ROM says:

    I’m expecting Steve Irwin’s body to go up there and hump the corpse.

    Audience *Awwww*

    What? Too soon?

  172. stotlington says:

    the molars are the same as a camel and yet the snout of this animal looks very much like a dolphin. the ribs are certianly big enough to be of a bovine but the lower jaw suggests it may be something that feeds on daz automatic. i think its a bumble trout!

  173. Kaduri says:

    Looks like a huge wilde Boar with the spine seperated maybe by woolves? or hunters playing a prank? the tusks and teeth couldn’t be taken by woolves!

  174. Kaduri says:

    Hey !my mistake those last two photoes I didn’t see when I made that last comment!

  175. Kaduri says:

    Looks like a furry Orka whale (Killer whale).

  176. OMOIKANE says:

    this is basilosaur with no doubt.

  177. OMOIKANE says:

    sorry’bout basilosaur haha.
    in trust this is big “kasatka”.
    if you can read russian:

  178. Werbster says:

    eu acho que é o lula, o presidente o Brasil.

  179. Richard Simmons says:

    That’s my pet Belugasaurus!!! Geez!

  180. MIKE says:


  181. James says:

    Um, it’s a killer whale skeleton (orca).

    If you can’t see it, search the skeleton pictures on the web.

  182. Rhuen says:

    If this turns out to be legit, then I would place my bets with a Mosasaur.

  183. Chris says:

    It can’t be a whale. The tail is to long and narrow to belong to any whale of that size. I don’t know that is just my opinion.

  184. Chris says:

    One more thing. If it is a whale the tail and fins would not of decomposed that quickly. Also the skull is way smaller than the rest of the body. And if it was just seaweed and other sea vegetation why didn’t they just remove it cause if it is fur it wouldn’t come off as easily.

  185. Rhuen says:

    Just to keep my facts straight I went out and looked at the skeleton (okay I visisted several sites) of Beluga whales. This thing doesn’t look anything like a whale. Have these people even seen a whale’s skull? They are weird looking and the Beluga whale’s lower jaw is much smaller than its top Jaw, unlike this creature with its snake like head. The two closist heads I could find were that of a large constricting snake and a Mosasaur, and considering that scientists believe Mosasaur’s to be snakes that makes sense.
    Mosasaurs were found in every part of the world that had ocean, look exactly like sea serpents, and as such what are the chances something like that hasn’t somehow had some wide spread but rare descendents when crocs and giant squids made it out all right?

    If its legit I am going with a Mosasaur.

  186. d'atura says:

    …i hope it’s henry kissinger.

  187. d'atura says:

    it’s henry kissinger

  188. k9 legion says:

    this is obviously a USA sponsered attempt to turn the public’s attention from real issues like the united states ongoing missions of murder disguised as a war against terrorists. The REAL terrorists are the monsters that are the bush administration.

  189. k9 legion says:

    this is obviously a USA sponsered attempt to turn the public’s attention from real issues like the united states ongoing missions of murder disguised as a war against terrorists. The REAL terrorists are the monsters that are the bush administration.

  190. g.walla says:

    this has already been proven to be a fake.

  191. Dark Crystal Guy says:

    another vote for a Skeksis.

  192. Brock says:

    what it is, is a window to a long since vanished past. It is a record of the ecologocal damage humans have wrought.

  193. hello_rodders says:

    I have to say I think you’re all wrong and it actually appears that porn star/Big Brother Barbie wannabe and all round waste of space Leah Walker has met a very sticky end, finally maybe we can have her carbon dated and find out her true age.

  194. laura says:

    damn – deej jumped on my keen and finely wrought observation: it’s skelky from the Dark Crystal. Looking for the Gelfling, natch.

    DAMN YOU DEEEEEEJ!!!!! You psychically read my mind before I had somehow seen the picture and then concluded my conclusion which was . . . sigh.

    Nancy Drew out.

  195. It’s just a fish. Probably cod or halibut or something.

  196. Matt says:

    You bone-heads….its a Mystic from the movie Dark Crystal. I knew they were real!


  197. Simon Caleb says:

    This looks very similar to an Orco, If I’m not mistaken?


  198. Orco (orca) my arse. It’s EMU, isn’t it? Topped himself after Rod Hull fell off the roof.

  199. king pumper says:

    Its my pals burd

  200. king pumper says:

    His name is Swordo

  201. fannybaws says:

    i shagged her last week. dirty dirty girl

  202. Boghdan says:

    There could be anything created by nature in that region after “Hirosima”..

  203. Wally says:

    oh my god! My Mother! Please post anymore information when available.

  204. the man says:

    um… y is lance armstrong there?

  205. Shaun says:

    Its the lost muppet that Jim Henson planned to use for his Muppets go to Loch Ness!

  206. hammer says:

    It look like a fooilsh pokeman who had misbehaved!

  207. Nivaldo says:


  208. Luis says:

    Afinal que animal estranho é este?

  209. Luis says:

    Onde posso pesquisa a fundo este assunto, ou melhor dizer animal?

  210. Herman the German says:


  211. Grandad says:

    Am I the only one to recognise this creature?
    Can’t you see the resemblance?

    Then I will have to tell you, Yes, it’s ‘Goofy’ wareing his wooly jacket. I wondered what had become of him.

  212. Boogie says:

    Hey, That’s my kite!

  213. khalid says:

    maybe a unkonw dinosaur and a t-rex iq verson of ridley

  214. CROCODILE says:

    ROFL, it’s a crocodile with a rug on it’s head! But I pity you guys….

  215. CROCODILE says:

    It’s yoda the mattedhead!

  216. JOHN WEISSMANN says:


  217. charmedpwca says:

    ha! dragons did exist! 😛

  218. B. says:

    From the look of the tail, it was either a sea creature or a giant land predator who walked on the hind two legs. The teeth are obviously carnivourous, seeing as how they are sharp. The stuff on it is not fur, becaue the fur would have decomposed with the rest of the organs of this seeminly beached creature. The fur looks more like garbage than fur. It could very well be a orca or just a unknown species of fish. This might be a hoax but i dount it because the skeleton looks real. (Anyhow, this was probably a top secret government project sent in to kill off all the russans but because all our funding is in Iraq it died before maiking it to russia)

  219. kyle j. says:

    that looks like my mom in the morning…

  220. r bram says:

    it’s cruiship dinner thrown over board

  221. J-dub says:

    Silly people don’t you know a chipmunk when you see one! I’m no scientist, but that is a tree rat mark my words.

  222. Cameron says:


  223. coach says:

    as a response to B fur is the last the thing to decompose.
    as an example egyptian momies still have their hairs…….

  224. rockafellow says:

    i am sorry but i think this picture is fake =)some budy must have put a head of another species into a dead crocodile that
    seems like been decaded for 2 months

  225. anonymous says:

    Having checked crocodile, camel, baluga and killer whale skulls, I must agree I think it is an orca, after all somebody who claimed to have studied sea life for 12 years said it is normal for an orca’s teeth to flatten.

    If it was a crocodile it would have nostrills, btw, and the jaw edges wouldn’t be way more curved. God check the links people send, they are useful!

  226. anonymous says:

    Sigh, in the post above I meant BELUGA WHALE not orca.

  227. Whale Tail says:

    Quoted from:- 10 why does the “head” in the bottom pictures not match the gaping jaws of the head in the top pictures?

    lol because the very most bottom picture is the tail you mug! not the head derrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. Minou says:

    That is NUTS!! I WANT ONE!!!

  229. anon2 says:


  230. hoco says:


  231. Steve says:

    It’s a crocodile boys and girls… nothing more… nothing less.

  232. Savienblue says:

    Reed the full article PEOPLe! its no whale! if it was, then why does it have hair, whales dont have hair. This could be a new species found but dead, ” survivor of the fitest” and it didn’t make it unless if its thousands or millions of years old, may’be died of old age. If it has hair is a mammal, maybe the first mammal ever to swim on water i guess. A haired mammal like croc. .

  233. Anousenka says:

    Heehee! That’s what it reminded me of! A Skeksis! That was cute

  234. Specter says:

    I think it is a Plesiosaur because long tails and fins are possible to be present, quite long neck my opinion is it is a plesiosaur

    Lorenzo Tropa

  235. Bec says:

    It’s a cetacean, possibly an orca. That’s not fur, more like rotting flesh and washed ashore along with a pile of plant matter, especially if it happened during a storm where a lot of organic debris gets churned up or blown off the shore into the ocean. Or it’s probably an orca skeleton that’s been deliberately covered with stuff to make it look like an unidentified creature.

  236. carl says:

    is george w. bush’s mom

  237. Bec says:

    Also, why would the Russian special services would be interested in an animal carcass? Perhaps alien, or if they were training marine animals for the navy and one got away. It looks set up anyway.

  238. MLB says:

    Looks like a cross between Ozzie Osbourn and Alice Cooper.

  239. John says:

    that creature is scary

  240. Joey says:

    man, its little Nessy 😀

  241. Wolfy says:

    Caveman KFC that got away. :{

    ok, really. It’s interesting that’s for sure. Hope there’s more cause it’d be interesting to know more about what “IT” really is.

  242. Dr. Wang says:

    Let’s check its dna, then let’s talk.

    For now, pull my finger.

  243. Mystery Person says:

    Eh, it could be an orca, but it sure looks weird….

  244. hippo says:

    its a jew…see the nose

  245. zogger says:

    It’s a whale. Go look at any museum skeletons or pictures. I can’t tell you exactly which whale, but it’s a whale. Being toothed it should be easier to narrow down.

  246. Frisky Cat says:

    It was released from the permafrost

  247. Richard says:

    Look close and you’ll find its head it’s a crocodile head turned upside down; the strong tail it’s clearly a croc’s tail… and if they unwrap the body from the mesh, sure they’ll find the limbs 🙂

    Greetings from Barcelona


  248. Richard says:

    For all these people relying on the text (this is clearly very sensationalist): as you can see in the pictures, there is clearly NO FUR, it’s rotten tissue. OBVIOUSLY it’s NO WHALE: whales have no teeth (orcas have a very distinctive huge, round cranium, not as the one shown there).

    Search no more: it’s a crocodile, turned upside down, with its limbs missing or hidden and covered wit the remnants of rotten tissue/skin (look the yellow-greenish skin at the tip of it’s tail).

  249. Jay says:

    It’s a baby Whale.I’ve seen some wash up in Florida coast before, all decomposed like that.

  250. Behemoth says:

    This is a cadborosaurus – not a beluga or an orca – teeth are different and skull is wider. Looks like other caddy photos taken in Canada.

    BSass- Paleobiologist
    CG International Research

  251. steve says:

    god dam its my pet fish i flushed down the bog 28 years ago.!! poor little fella

  252. Susan says:

    It’s a basking shark. Similar to the ones that washed up on the US shores.

  253. Steve says:

    This is nothing more than the skeletal remains of a small whale. Please people, before you jump to silly conclusions, at least TRY to figure out what it is.

  254. planitron92 says:

    c’est une espèce inconnue comme il y en a tant sur notre planète…mais apparemment sa mâchoire et sa dentition laisse penser qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un prédateur, mais qu’il en est la victime, comme un orque…?

  255. CoLoMbIaN BrUnNeTte says:

    its probably a dinosaur ancestor of a half pig half alligator/crocodile type of thing

  256. Deon Grantham says:

    Their are giant amphibians, known as the chinese salamander and japanese salamander grow to 6 ft or 1.8 metres. Maybe one of those or new species giant amphibian which has continues to live in cooler waters where crocodiles and alligators can not live because it is to cold.

    It is not a mammal, bird by the shape of the teeth and shape of upper part of the skull ( laugh at those who say whale or sea cow (manatee).

  257. Deon Grantham says:

    Sorry take that back. Just seen the rest of the photos.

  258. Cannonade says:

    I’d go with the Skeksis theory!

    Or a giant mutated badger or a dragon.

    Seriously, it’s most likely an Orca. The black stuff looks more to me like rotting or mummified flesh to me rather than fur. It’s a bit like those frozen remains of people they drag out of ice, or like the one’s preserved in bog.

  259. chuju says:

    Yep, unfortunately :(( a Beluga Whale:

  260. clumpsy says:

    your all wrong it’s a sea dog from altantis that was swam over by sea horse, and never made it as food, so now it’s a beach bum from the under world.

  261. ShinkyuTim says:

    Oh my God!!

  262. phony13 says:

    i am a biolgist, and i think i know what this is. i’ve seen it once in a textbook. it’s a frigg’n crocodile skeleton wei’t ‘jacket on

  263. Christopher says:

    There is something about fur/hair… I never saw water animal with hair, never… That isn’t a aligator or something like it – (If that are legs and if next two legs are under the ground) Its legs are too long… I haven’t go and ideaa what that ate. Teeth are broken…

    I sure that never was water animal, that is something from Ice Age, One of last dinosaurs I guess.


  264. Stephanie says:

    Pretty obvious to anyone who’s a Jim Henson fan what this is.

    And we thought the Mystics were all gone and reunited with the Skeksis. =]

  265. Chris says:

    Well it is certianly isn’t a phony pitcure. The skull cannot be that of any land reptile of our time. The teeth would be sharper and in much greater quantity. The nose seems to be to curved to be and crocodile or alligator. Although if you look closely at the head there seems to be decaying skin. This skin resembles that of a reptile. The tail seems to be that of an aligator or crocodile. The large and pyramid like teeth show that it fed on larger creatures. Maybe that of a large mammal or reptiles. It must be some type of sea creature. It has no nostrals meaning it had to have gills or some other type of breathing apperatis. You can tell the creature had front legs because of the shoulder blade next to it’s skull. It’s fin like tail shows that the creature might have been amphibious. Most likely this picture is of an unknown species probably driven out of its home by some type of human activities. Maybe oil rigs or submerged weaponry testings had frightened it.

  266. Galatine says:

    This isn’t a hoax..
    It isn’t an orca… an orca skull is much larger, and has many more teeth. even so the skull in the picture is missing many as i can see but still, it doesnt look like it would even have enough sockets to house enough teeth to be an orca..
    it isn’t a reptile, it’s definately an aquatic animal, it can’t be a land animal because it has no nostril hole.

    I HATE to say it, but it IS definately a Beluga whale’s skull, it has the same demensions, around the same number of tooth sockets which would be around 11/11 and the notch on the upper jaw, just like a beluga whale. it would help if you could see the entire skull but even with it covered up you can still tell.
    I have no idea how it could have hair, and i can’t really see any hair.. the rotting flesh across the upper torso area looks like it could possibly convince someone of hair or fur given the texture but its doubtful. The demensions of the body are consitent with that of a very large beluga whale also. i was hoping that it could be some unknown monster of an animal that could be new to us but given my research it looks like it definately is a beluga whale.

  267. jade says:

    well i think it is a hoax or some kind of crocidile…if this has been washed up and all there is left is a skeleton…it means it is quete old i quess…witch means the teeth are going to wear down and the bones are going to wear away…so it wouldent look exactly like a crodile would it??

    i could be rong tho =D

    but i think im right

  268. jade says:

    well i think this is hoax or some sort of crocidle
    if this wierd thing has been washed up and all there is left is the skelteton

    this must be qeuete old…there for it is not exactly going to look like a crocidle because the bones would of worn away and the teeth would be wearing away a bit =D

    i could be rong tho….but i think im right!! x

  269. Pascale says:

    I agree, the first thing i noticed was that there are no holes for nostrils, which makes it definately some kind of sea creature.
    The teeth are flat and small which means that it’s either a herbivore or might have been at a higher age when it died.

    It is definitely a small-toothed whale, and almost certainly a beluga whale. The size fits perfectly.
    The remaining skin around it might look a bit darker cause it might have died while swimming into an oil field.

    No mistery what so ever.

  270. xXxWolfxXx says:

    Your alllllll wrong!! It’s Elvis!!

  271. George Bush says:

    I looked into the eye sockets, It`s a relative of Comrade Putin.

  272. Alex says:

    I’m afraid your all wrong. It’s a Frilled Shark. Newly discovered off the coasts of Japan, a 2 metre long Eel like shark. Which was discovered in January 2007. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz_nZixWX6Q.

    Do I win a prize?

  273. Alex says:

    My previous link didnt work. But type “Frilled Shark” into
    youtube =]


  274. TCHAAAA says:

    Pwned by kawazaki

  275. n1ky says:

    Niceeee pics! Looks like Whale to me, teeth are far to blunt to be croc! plus the skull is all wrong,cool pics thou gotta love those extras in the background.

  276. Tea Lederer says:

    It looks like a descendant of the Tiktaalik Roseae with a bad hair cut.

  277. Nicole says:

    i have been doing some research, and i found out that the origonal report was that the carcass was found by fisherman, not by Russian soldiers. The teeth had broken of old age and possibly also damaged after it death. It is not a monster, nor a plesiosaur. The so called “hair” is decaying flesh, and as we all know, things rot away and it gets darker and becomes fibrous as it decomposes. It has been said to be a male beluga whale, and the size was exaggerated. the size is not 7 meters, it is 4-5 meters (about 13-16 feet long, something like that) would be more believable. So, i am still not sure, but, i rest my case, for now.

  278. David says:

    I thought it was Rosie O’Donnell. Someone notify the press that she died !!!! Or maybe it’s Tammy Faye Baker ?

  279. Adam says:

    Oh no!!! Somebody killed Chamberlain!! Mmmmmmmm

  280. kris says:

    Open your eyes man. Cow skulls have a seam down the nose. When you look at things from different angles, they look different!
    That’s all. Don’t be so cynical…You are insulting to call those people liars.

  281. Taylor says:

    It looks like a Wooly Gator or Feral Croc from Final Fantasy XII. Seriously.

  282. Hugh Garcia says:

    Oh my gosh….they killed one of those moaning, “Dark Crystal” things..

  283. Maurits says:

    i’m sorry, it’s my mother, oh no,ít’s my mother it can’t be hahahahaha, ohoh i’m having lots of fun with people who take everything so seriously, i love it. the hell to this world and its inhabitans, long live the humour and away with the serious.
    I was kidding about the creature, it’s not my mother, it’s my brother in law’s mother in law. hahahahaha,

    greetings from the Netherlands

  284. Angelica says:

    oh my god thats crazy wow its already dead its a new species I mean thats pretty crazy yeah but its cool!!!!

  285. laurita says:

    yo creo que es el fin del mundo….igual esta bakan el animalito ehhh? ustedes kxan po’

  286. razor says:

    looks like one of those creatures from the dark crystal lol

  287. Rick says:

    because its the tale??

  288. Aashique says:

    lolzzz..daamn !! i have been readin all da comments for da last half n hour ALMOSt…i gota say, sum of da comments really made me cry out laughin, ma stomach is still aching..lolzz..damn ..by da way, da first comment dat crack me up ws from Darkcrystal who firstly said dat its a skeksis..then why cracked me up MOST ws da comment frm ilikeitrough ..lolzz damn budds..lmao.

  289. Aashique says:

    just had to cum again to thank all of ya guys for a gud time laugh..lolz…damn m still cryin out laughin ..lmao

  290. Aashique says:

    lolzz damn !!

  291. Darren says:

    In Aotearoa/New Zealand my ancestors called it a Taniwha! In Aotearoa we have Legends of such creatures. Some of course were myth, but some of the legends were based on actual events and creatures very much similar to this creature in the pic’s.

    However science has relegated the fearsome marine creatures which my ancestors describe as being all extinct millions of years ago. And once in a blue moon science unexpectedly finds a creature that is not extinct at all.

    But Hey! the science that has developed in the last 200 years or so has come from people who have lived in that time frame. My ancestors were in Aotearoa/New Zealand a 1000 years before the arrival of the English and their interpretation of what creatures lived where and when. So if it’s not a whale or Croc etc its no surprise to me to see such a creature as in the pic. It is as my ancestors have always said a Taniwha which would devour men!

    But then of course science has deemed my ancestors legends are all nothing but fairy tales & myth. Hmmm? I wonder who is telling the fairy tale?

  292. Kirs says:


    Shows it all.

    Not sure if it is a beluga or not.
    Maybe he was young, or something.

    I rest my case.

    This page is full of “AHO” blogs

  293. rori says:

    maybe its an experiment by the Russians?
    it looks like a camel/crock/?ape(fur/hair)?
    it could be three dna’s put into an embryo of some sort of animal.to see what kind of [thing] appears wen born?
    i think somebody put a crocodile and ape dna into a horse embryo.and the experiment went wrong and killed or …. and
    dumped it near the coast so that people think that there
    is an animal that we dont know abowt

  294. chuck norris says:

    its clearly a were wolf, i killed it with silver bullets, thats right I was there.

  295. krunk shark says:

    this is so a orca whale! it just doesn’t have a ribcage or fins! look at sam’s comment if you look at the picture you will see! as for the fur, probly mud and seaweed!

  296. Bob hoskins says:

    From Mother Russia…. This is mealy the baby of a goat from somehwere near chernobyl! Somebody tried to hide the evidence and chucked it into the sea but it washed up. End of story!

  297. Bunnyrabbits. says:

    It’s one of those things from the Dark Crystal. >.< It’s cuuute

  298. XXXX says:

    I often search for strange creatures like this and I almost saw every one of them.I saw chupacabra,mothman,new jersey devil and loch Ness monster and… bla bla
    The point is there are creatures far greater then we could ever imagine and scary too and I have noticed that many of those “monsters” have been appeared more times then in last five or ten years I mean what the heck is going on.Are those scientists playing God again and cloning and creating creatures like this.I only know that is not normal.

  299. robbo says:

    can i just ask wtf!!! is an orca?

  300. does it really matter what it is?
    SO WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

  301. manny says:

    its a cow

  302. rayne says:

    IT”S GODZILLA!!!!!!
    (in high pitched japonese accent)

  303. Jacob says:

    Here is what it really is. I knew what it was the moment I saw it.

  304. Shandooga says:

    It’s a dinosaur. It didn’t go extinct in the asteroid impact that didn’t happen 65 million years ago. Neverlution is a fraud.

  305. Cata says:

    It’s just an aligator with seaweed on it’s head. Big deal.

  306. Mike says:

    I Think this Could Be An Ogo-Pogo Or Loch Ness, Just Some How Found Its Way To Russia, Very Possible.

  307. Secret Robots says:

    It’s a Skezie (spelling) from The Dark Crystal!

  308. Nicole says:

    This image did the rounds of the crazy sites last year, and the animal was identified: It is a decomposing Beaked Whale.

  309. Adam says:

    It’s a Skeksis, everyone run!!!!



  310. Aughra says:

    It is clearly a skeksis.

  311. A beluga whale


    There are a couple of them in the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium.

    These are very peaceful creatures. Poor baby.

  312. Rob says:

    Its the peaceful creature that merged with the Skesis at the end of “The Dark Crystal”

  313. sssnaked says:

    it’s one of the creatures from the jim henson movie ‘the dark crystal’

  314. richard says:

    hehe, it IS Falkor the luckdragon!

  315. David says:

    It is a beluga. Seriously. Exact same skeleton.


  316. Bebunzim says:

    My guess it’s the monster from Loch Ness.

  317. jon says:

    Skeksis are real! I told you! Quick we must find the last of the gelflings!

  318. Jim says:

    There is a certain lack of evidence to prove that the corpse’s body and head belong to the same animal. Remember that there were many failed attempts made by archaeologists way back that involved piecing together many different bones in order to create a believable skeleton.
    Once there is a thorough autopsy and a published scientific report (including DNA), then I will believe it’s the monster you seem to think it is, or just a smattering of old bones.

  319. Croc Dundee says:

    It is an Australian Crocodile.

    Look it up.

    It is very easy to tell by the tail and the smile at the edge of its mouth.

    Maybe not an Australian one but the very same genes and skull shape.

  320. Croc Dundee says:


    This is what it is.

    Not a sea monster buy sort of is really.

  321. Randy March says:


  322. Melissa Ruszczyk says:


    ~falcor the luckdragon has been found!!!~

  323. JittyBlonk says:

    a beluga with fur, i dont think so, must be some sort of early ancestor of the platypus which had fur and a long tail, ill ask god when i die, and let you all know

  324. justin says:

    OMG, these people are ridiculous!
    Scientists wouldn’t even bat an eye at this…. because its

    Come on now people!

  325. dazza says:

    it is a fragle///from fragle rock

  326. my nig says:

    looks like that’s my DJ

  327. Dan says:

    Comment by cracked
    2008-04-17 13:58:09

    it looks like the good elder beasts from the dark crystal. next, they’ll find one of the skexies nearby.

    I confirm this is the skeleton of a skeskie, maybe when they clean up the sticks in the background they may find some Gelflings.

    Those who are not aware of “Skeksie’s” and “Gelflings” need to get a copy of Dark Crystal.

    this is definately the real answer as there is no other proof behind all those “croc” and “whale” stories, i mean c’mon… we all know that crocodiles and whales arent real.

    the first one to post the r*tard post gets a prize off the english russia website!

    p.s. this post is 99% sarcasm and 1% cr4p.

  328. Chimbles says:

    LOL This is classic, almost everyone on the pics is smoking… Plus you cant beat that dude in fatigues and rubber boots… I wonder if that style will catch in the US soon… I’m sick of looking at hipsters

  329. Kel says:

    It looks like the remains of a Mystic of off the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal. Haha (:

  330. Kel says:

    Whoops, looks like Dan beat me to my Dark Crystal idea d:

  331. Kel says:

    Whoops, it looks like Dan beat me to my Dark Crystal idea d:

  332. Therealjoe says:

    It looks like that big yellow bird off sesame street.

  333. Telkom ADSL says:

    What’s even better than the article is the comments!! =D

  334. jake says:

    its a pokemon its snorlax lmao

  335. mad says:

    Крокодил затесался в воды сахалина
    Чего не понятно?

  336. Sarah says:

    it’s a walrus. well, one of the large male walruses (elephant walrus)…there are holes in the top jaw where the tusks would be. and obviously somebody’s going to take those, they’re worth money.

  337. sean says:

    it’s a krayt dragon.

  338. tdfpo7 says:

    MEGALANIA which drowned

  339. its dead who cares what it was it isnt any longer!

  340. Smart Quiz says:

    I would say it looks like half bird half alligator! other than that i have no clue

  341. dragon07 says:

    I see similarities with my ex girlfriend….

  342. Biff Malibu says:

    Well if you askin’ me it looks like something that drank way to much Bad Whiskey.

  343. Ducky says:

    There are also other whales. The beaked whales are still largely unknown and myserious to science. A new species of beaked whale has actually been discovered within the past 10-15 years.

  344. Mike says:

    This animal clearly has two features. First are mammialian teeth, and second a highly evolved post rib-cage spine. I want to call this a Cadborosaurus, but it really looks like one of the first whales, a Basilosaurus. The teeth type alone lead me to believe this is a toothed whale. The round rib-cage and long tail are very close to the Basilosaurus.

  345. emma says:

    i dont know what that is but im going to find out i think it must be some kind of dinosaur.This means it must have had survived the cataclysm .According to James Fassett there was dinosaur fossils that was found in mexico dated half a million years ago,so it most me that this is some kind of Dinosaur that survived the cataclysm and stayed in the sea over a period of time.

    I think that there are lots of things people dont know about dinosaurs and we as people are trying to find out.

    If you would like to contact me.
    [email protected]

  346. Dyavol says:

    Nessy’s sister)

  347. Unknown says:

    I come from there.I know whats there.I’ve seen things.THAT IS NOTHING.I know what it is.Or better yet who it its.Yall should soon find out!

  348. bayu says:

    that wasnt a dog.for real

  349. ayvee says:

    ugh hutt……AYE ITS PHIL! >:O oh poop he dead V_V
    oh i forgot hes belemic
    Sarah: he can read minds? :O
    Ayvee: Yeah…sure… why not
    Sarah: REALLY?!!!
    Ayvee: -___-
    -sigh- so phill….what the hell happened?!

  350. SH says:

    It is horror! And where it?

  351. zombieluigi says:

    Don’t be so quick to say it is fake guys, look up the hairy (furry)lobster and then see how bizare some new discoveries are

  352. Albert Tatlock says:

    it looks like a decomposed “Maggie the Milk Snatcher”
    Sadly, dementia is hitting her bad, she can’t remember where she put those submarine logs/Saudi armaments contracts/mercenary son/ugly daughter/Pinochet torture manuals/MI5 vs Scargill reports/etc etc etc

    Seriously though, I bet it smells like Fanny Mae. I heard she went down hard, those were the days eh?

  353. TomKatz says:

    I keep seeing people say it’s a Killer Whale or a Bulga. Looking at those photos and comparing they may have the same type of head sharp and such but looking at the teeth those two whales have sharp teeth. This skeleton has flat teeth. The bulga’s teeth are more spread out then these teeth anyhow. The teeth are quite close.

  354. TomKatz says:

    I keep seeing people say it’s a Killer Whale or a Bulga. Looking at those photos and comparing they may have the same type of head shape and such but looking at the teeth those two whales have sharp teeth. This skeleton has flat teeth. The bulga’s teeth are more spread out then these teeth anyhow. The teeth are quite close.

  355. Maarten says:

    I would like to read some real sientific raport about it.
    Not all this use less Bulsxxxt talk .
    you all should be ashame !

  356. danzhou says:

    que asco por favor !!!
    ¿ que es eso ?
    a ver, a ver, mis ojos no
    dan crédito a lo que estan viendo…

  357. People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.

  358. mitch says:

    it seems like it could be maybe a sort of pre-evolved aligator by the tail and head. its got a much longer tail and a shorter head, and its teeth are missing, unlike an alligators teeth witch would grow back in a matter of two or three weeks. they also seem to be fialled down instead of a point for hunting and killing. its defanatly not fake, that would be to much of a hoax to put together just to fool someone. unreadable of the time it lived.

  359. cryptospazz says:

    Well, after looking at lots of interweb images, and studing the picture closely, I don’t think it’s a whale, crock/gator, or giant dead lizzard.

    One- Some of the teeth are blunt, while others are sharp. Also, it looks like it has something like a small crest on the back of it’s head. It’s ribcage is huge, and it’s tail is… weird.

    I’d say it’s some prehistoric-style sea animal. And it problably does have fur because it problably stays in colder, deeper waters.

    That or it’s a failed attempt at creating a pokemon.

  360. tyler says:

    its a beaver =)

  361. Hawkwind says:

    It’s a Baluga Whale, simple as that.

    Google Baluga Whale Skull and you’ll see that it’s exactly the same. Also, that’s not fir, when blubber decays that’s exactly what it looks like.

  362. Skerries says:

    Pleisiosaurs weren’t dinosaurs.

    By definition, no dinosaurs lived in water, ever.

  363. creed says:

    well….looks like a sea serpents, but sea serpents dont have fur. i strongly suspect its a river Troll…….because Troll dont have a large nostrils, but small, near the teeth. perhaps it was killed by lack of food, and then the Troll search it near sea. later on the troll was killed by a wave?, or maybe it cannot find any food and dead……..

  364. El_Greco says:

    scary but intresting….

  365. Gordon Freeman says:

    Oh my god, IT’S MY GIRLFRIEND! I was looking for her after swimming and now I found out she’s dead!

  366. risu says:

    Sakhaline ? It’s near Japan, right ?
    Then it’s a ryuu! The legendary japanese dragon!

  367. jim says:

    this is a hoax. these people just want 15 min of fame. dont get worked up.

  368. Jimbo says:

    Your site here is awesome, I wish you the best in your future productions, absolutely interesting. Jimbo

  369. lolkaas says:

    google this: orca skull / beluga skull

  370. criz901 says:

    itz a big worm wit bonez?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. the sensei says:

    its big bird off sesame street

  372. marcus says:

    this is not a whale the teeth arnt sharp enough it looks like a grazer grass or sea weed plus the hair thats the give away the water out theirs cold and pleanty of places to hide and not be noticed like bigfoot it looks real to me if you look you can see tusk holes in top jore and if you zoom in u can see it ent sea weed or mud just a pitty the russkies dont give out there info thay hide everthing

  373. jimmy says:

    its a new species of sybian sea hamster that live off small portions of peas and pencil shavings.

  374. SayWhat says:

    Well I think you could rule out croc or whale. If you look close at some of the photos, it appears to me that there is a leg with a hoof. Just thinking out loud.

  375. TOTO says:

    LOL its a croc

  376. Leomahnn says:

    It’s Alf.

  377. Carlos Brigante says:

    it looks like a platypus. it’s got a beak and fur like a platypus. platypus aka duckbill

  378. Union Jack says:

    I think is the remains of a dinosaur. I don’t really believe the whole meteor theory. I believe they died out in the flood in the Bible. But think for a second, what if the Loch Ness monster is real too? That makes my theory very plausible, but with all the details that attribute the Loch Ness monster to a dinosaur, I’d say my theory is pretty good.

    • Um..no. says:

      Two things wrong with your theory (actually, everything is wrong with your theory, but I’ll focus on the main two).

      1) The notion of the biblical flood. The flood, if it did occur (and it may have done, though not as described in the Bible), took place in the last 10,000 years. Certainly since humans have inhabited the earth. Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, about 63 million years before humans existed in any form.

      2) This creature is obviously a beluga whale. One only needs to look at photos of a beluga skeleton to see that it is identical, particularly the skull.

      Try Google: it is far more accurate and informative than a book which claims that, against all geological evidence, the earth is only 6000 years old.

  379. Slaton says:

    Whatever that is, it is creepy.

  380. Belfast Lad says:

    It’s a mutated emu due to the Russian Chernobyl disaster in 1986 (radioactive fallout)

  381. How greatly do I owe you for all the Perfect post.

  382. bill cosby says:

    I like turtles

  383. nobody says:

    Thats a Basilosaurus.


    Since we haven’t explored half the ocean yet, I would imagine its something along those lines.
    They outlived the dinosaurs, and aren’t reptiles.

    Well, thankfully at least we humans don’t have to go to the trouble of killing it for money now.

  384. nobody says:

    er, I meant half the oceans depths. Could be it feeds on squid down there in the dark.
    They still find new stuff all the time- the big things though are rare.

  385. Matt Levy says:

    Woah what a freaky deaky lookin creature!
    Matt Levy

  386. finheadlarry says:

    oh my what is that thing? hello guys!!! that is not a dinosour ha! ha! ha! that thing is my cute pet name larry that is my dog

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  389. Josie says:

    No matter what it is, I’m glad I wasn’t the one who found it. I would’ve run away screaming 😉

  390. Vickko says:

    Sin Palabras, es espectacular !!!

  391. Thanks for sharing, I ran across this story whilst searching for infomation for my term paper, interesting comments and fantastic points produced.

  392. Eun Kunicki says:

    I don’t totally agree, but regardless a very well written post. I’ll link back, with my counter response 🙂

  393. Joan says:

    Excuse, that I interrupt you, but you could not give more information.

  394. Clayton says:


    Try That one. Although the skull looks a little too wide to be a beluga.

  395. Julia says:

    It looks like a marine mammal to me. I have a degree in zoology, so I can say for sure it cannot possibly be a crocodilian or a dinosaur. Most likely a species of whale or pinneped(seal), maybe a known one, and maybe not. There could be a a genus of furry whales, ya never know…

  396. Quick Facts says:

    Best you should change the webpage name English Russia » Unknown creature was found by soldiers to something more better for your webpage you make. I enjoyed the the writing still.

  397. Wayne says:

    look at you smart asses go! Why for once cant you all stop bickering like old wives in a mine and just keep an open mind. No one is saying anything about what washed up in Russia. This couls be anything at all, and even if the Russians were to come up with some justifiable proof of what it really is, wouls you smart allecs be willing to agree. Seems like you all are here to air your own ignorance and prove what dunces you are. Maybe a few have reasonable suggestions, but who is hells name is going to back you up?? Get your lilly asses up and go to Russia and dont come back till one of you have the truth. Failure will not be treated lightly. Some parts of the creature still remains and that will be your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now git!!!!

  398. lovetobacon says:

    it’s a false killer whale

  399. Billy Joe says:

    Dino, Jen, Its amazing how much you can research and still doesnt make sense with your “Scientific Reasoning” for the fact that none of those animals look similiar to the shape or length of the skeletal remains, you really sound utterly ridiculous with copy and pasted answers from Wikipedia. LMFAO <– Imperfection! HAHA You're lame. Unless you're there to get a dna check, Check Yo Self B4 U Wreck Yo Self <– Zach Gilifinakis in Due Date

  400. Britney says:

    I may have an answer.Could it be one of the ancient dinosaurs like the alligator we know today?
    The ancient beast is said by scientists that when it lived , it could be about 60 feet long.But could we be wrong?Can science prove it?

  401. Liam ([email protected] says:

    It dosent look like a whales mouth and it looks like the skin Of a reptile why would they not recognise a whales carcus surely they have seen many whales. And the authority probably took it away because it smelt looked terrifying and they didn’t want to draw any extra attention to it so if there wer more and they wer carnivorous then many humans would not die trying to find one to become famous from it nobody knows what it is nobody has done a DNA test on t nobody has confirmed it all we can do is use our imaginations as to what it used to look like I am fascinated by the fact that dinosaurs might still live among us very very few but is it possible that dino like creatures even more so than the croc or alligator like dinosaurs could live with us I hope so because they are fascinating creatures I hope to someday work with reptiles or be a palentologist scuse the misspellings lol If any body likes to chat about dinosaurs being real please leave me an email @ [email protected] btw I only speak English xxxxxx

  402. Andy says:

    It’s an decaying corpse of a beluga whale with some flesh.

  403. Reptile-Thing says:

    SCP 682, finally we meet outside the Foundation…

  404. Love says:

    who kill my gold fish???!

  405. j says:

    You Know i have been studying the pictures very closely and i can say for sure that is not a beluga whale! I am seeing hoofs like a mammal, fur like a mammal and interestingly it has a flatten triangular shape tip of the tail when looking at it from above. Mammals swim their tail up and down fish side to side that triangular shape indicates up and down motion that is apparent on mammals if it was a beluga whale it would have NO TRIANGULAR SHAPED TAIL TIP!! It does, all i can is it is a mammal, what ? i have no idea. why it would have hooves, with a long tail is beyond me. Could be genetic modification of 2 or more specie zygote mix and placed in healthy embryo. That’s all i have come up with so far.

  406. j says:

    Update!!!! Sorry, I have come to the conclusion it is a beluga whale skull. Mystery Solved! Ignore my previous post.

  407. j says:

    Oh, and one other thing, they have some rag material over the top of skulls head, as well as a rope around it’s neck. The hair is rotting flesh that has turn black and fibrous from decay.

  408. Mata4Nui says:

    This is the SCP-682. SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure. SCP-682 appears to have a hatred of all life, which has been expressed in several interviews during containment.

  409. Rock5Chalk says:

    It’s a Beluga Whale carcass

  410. Ryan C says:

    ITs a beluga whale, same skull, same skeleton, no doubt about it.

  411. Interested says:

    I can not see any monster there. It is either dolphin or beluga whale’s skeleton.

  412. TOM S. says:

    Oh what the hell….how bout goin with some type of E.T. Actually, the best guess is the beluga whale body. OR!..it also may point to SCP-682 if you examine the records.

  413. Dix says:

    Someone had to write here something once in 2 years

  414. johnocerous says:

    SCP-682 has breached containment

  415. Rul says:

    SCP 682 has been neutralized

  416. Chris says:

    Im very sure it is a dorudon from tye eocene era very close to basilosaurus the teeth match so does skull shape nostrills are on top of the snout if it could even be called that its deff ancient no orca no beluga and no croc im guessing it was frozen in ice for a long time

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