13 Moscow city for sale, price: $3M

Moscow city for sale, price: $3M

Posted on August 27, 2006 by team

This is Moscow city scale model

This is a Moscow city scale model. It is back from USSR times, when Soviet leaders had a little craze on making such epic compositions. It was ordered from an artist Efim Deshalyt in 1976. The size of the model exceeds 400 sqft.

This is Moscow city scale model

The exhibition was opened in 1977 and lots of people visited it since then.

This is Moscow city scale model

This is the biggest model of Moscow, depicted to a dot. It’s interesting that some of the buildings are not present in modern Moscow. Some hotels of Moscow like “Inturist” or “Moskva” were recently demolished.

This is Moscow city scale modelThis is Moscow city scale model

After the Soviet era ended, exhibition started loosing the interest among visitors, it attracted only foreigners, travellers to Russia from USA, Europe and other countries. It has been said that some museum workers even wanted to destroy it because it “takes too much space and electric power”.

This is Moscow city scale model

The model really takes a lot of electricity – it turns on and off outdoor and indoor lighting according to the time of the day. Thousands of little lamps are used in every window of each house, even the boats on Moscow rivers have lights on board.

Currently the offer is $3M, but it seems that nobody advised them to put it on Ebay.

Photographer: Natalia Grishkina

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13 responses to “Moscow city for sale, price: $3M”

  1. Luba says:

    Amazing! What a hugh work! Congratulations

  2. That’s amazing, the ultimate gift for railroad modelers! 😉

  3. MySpace says:

    This is simply amazing. $3M, possibly a museum to buy?

  4. zelda says:

    I haven’t seen Moscow before but the model is made very well so that every people who see this will want to visit Moscow.Well done,congratulations…

  5. hadi says:

    dear all
    i thanks too much about all you do and i hope to stay the pest

    your’s hadi

  6. DaniThaMan says:

    almost started to cry when heard somebody want to demolish this ultimata masterpiece. So Sad 🙁

  7. pomponette says:

    where is this museum???

  8. hokker says:

    government should buy it. otherwise it will be ruined buy someone..

  9. bob levy says:

    as an ex-architecture student im interested in what material that model’s made out of. anyone come across that information?

  10. Josie says:

    That is simply amazing! Awesome work!

  11. Jeff Pigden says:

    I have other questions: what scale? materials? building interiors?

  12. bobz says:

    Amazing Photo in Moscow…

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