10 Welcome to Russia

Welcome to Russia

Posted on August 23, 2006 by team

Ad of some travel company

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10 Responses to “Welcome to Russia”

  1. Valery says:

    It is a fake not an advertising.
    I have seen the works of this artist on Contempotrary Art Festival in St.Petersburg.

    I even was proposed to participate in some future works =)

  2. Binary says:

    That`s a photo by Mr.Evil (http://mr.evil.photosight.ru)

  3. russian patriot says:

    This is my foto :-)
    Dear Guests Come to russia I show you VoDKa and Balalayka? BlAD’

  4. Acronyms says:

    Welcome to Russia. This guy is actually an typical Sales Manager.

  5. Póker says:

    I want to travel to Russia :). I like friendly woodcutters :).

  6. Póker says:

    I want to travel to Russia. I like friendly woodcutters :).

  7. Neebert says:

    I would like to visit Russia. The government is making it easier now. I see real progress and Russia’s future looks bright. Bright but cold, but with its unique art and culture more people from around the world are getting a chance to visit. Maybe I will soon, as long as I don’t have to go in the woods :D

  8. IslayRose says:

    Wow, just wondering. wandering. where to find what to do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeahhh … we really understood EVERYTHING youu said up there ^ :P LOL … you know not all of us understand chinese/japanese?? could at least have used google translate…
    And awesome non-commercial photo xD made me laugh … LOL

  10. DimaP says:

    Nonsense any. Has understood nothing.
    Probably a caricature on firm “Intourist”

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