13 Two boots jut out the concrete poured parking floor – mafia victim? (photo)

Two boots jut out the concrete poured parking floor – mafia victim? (photo)

Posted on August 22, 2006 by team

What is this – Mafia victim in the most criminalized Russia region Saint Petersburg? Please spot the plates of that lonely standing white Mercedes, probably its owner is somehow connected.


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13 Responses to “Two boots jut out the concrete poured parking floor – mafia victim? (photo)”

  1. Azrul Hisyam says:

    This wasn’t a joke?

  2. Glebon says:

    just a joke. just one word: Russia :)

  3. kudriaska says:

    to me it seems more like a pair of boots.

  4. Jim9137 says:

    That’s actually ice.

  5. Dmytro says:

    Nice picture, and good joke. ha-ha-ha

  6. Kosman36 says:

    Maybe Russian government is a joke but please stop calling the ordinary people a joke.

  7. ishamul says:

    I hear russians give out free aids

  8. Pigeon says:

    If you were to dig it up you would find that the boots are on the legs of an inflatable sex doll.

  9. I think it’s someone’s idea of a joke and pretty good one lol! It looks staged to me. Notice how the boots are off to the side to allow use of the ramp?

    • rafael ARG says:

      lol well no, you see, just because these mafiamen are merciless doesn’t mean they will purposely cause others inconvenience. Russia is a very organized country and people there care and love each other almost as much as Norwegians do.

  10. Moscow_Most says:

    nice joke )

  11. Dahab Offers says:

    the killer couldnot hide will

  12. cockatrice says:

    Like the stuffed pair of pants with work-boots you see around here protruding from an automatic transmission housing. Gives the impression the guy’s just buried in his work. One guy even fabricated enough of a body so you had this pair of pants with a plumber’s crack showing.

    Good for a laugh..

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