14 Bentley in snow

Bentley in snow

Posted on August 21, 2006 by team

People in Russia who became rich very fast ready to spend hundreds of thousands dollars on the top luxury cars. Moscow is the most populated with expensive cars city in Europe. You can meet them practically on every corner of Moscow downtown. Visitors from Europe say that Moscow is the only city in Europe where you can meet two or three cars worth of more than $200k each at once in one street or standing at one traffic light.

Probably it reminds Arabian countries, where sheikhs love expensive cars also. One difference is that in Moscow the most expensive cars in the world are surrounded by a huge Russia itself, where the average salary of a school teacher is around $1200 a year. That’s not a typo, an average school teacher in countryside gets paid not more than $100-$150 per month.

aston martin in snowbentley in snow


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  1. [...] You probably remember this article, there was a large gallery (more than 40 photos) of top cars (mostly worth over $150,000 each) captured on the streets of Moscow, sometimes covered with snow. Here is another one. The guy probably left his Mercedes SL 600 AMG unattended and less fortunate citizens borrowed his AMG top class wheels (probably worth $2000 each). [...]

  2. [...] We already mentioned that in Moscow there are plenty of very expensive cars. Sometimes, walking across the Moscow city in winter you can see Bentleys covered with snow. The segregation between rich and poor in Russia is enormous. A teacher in school gets only $150 as a monthly salary, at the same time top managers of oil corporations can buy Bentleys and Lamborghinis. Look at this picture, it’s often can be dangerous to leave a car unattented in the area where common people live. 3:17 am Tip: To get daily entertaiment news like this one, bookmark englishrussia.com or add RSS Feed to rss-viewer. Interesting articles: [...]

  3. richard lagsit says:

    i guess russia has no humps on their road, unlike in the philippines, for if there is none many politicians will own that kind of cars here, and the segregation of rich and poor will be very obvious, thats why they build humps here.

  4. Вася says:

    Класcный сайт

  5. D says:

    Russian rich, WOW. Damn Russians. The wealth is in the hands of a few compare to everywhere else in W. Europe or US.

  6. beblo says:

    the problem is those cars are mainly driven by people, who got their money in strange ways back in the 90s, they are commonly not well educated. People whose occupation is relevant to science, culture or medicine can afford only trash.

  7. rupert de haan says:

    Actually the blue supercar near the end is actually a Bugatti Eb-110, the one in the middle is the Zonda.

  8. Sam says:

    Third from the bottom is a Lotus Exige, the cheapest car on the list. In the US it is about $40,000.

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