4 Witness called by during confiscating weed, turned out to be smoker too.

Witness called by during confiscating weed, turned out to be smoker too.

Posted on August 17, 2006 by team

russian weed witnessLate at night drug officers committing a patrol raid across the neighborhood have spotted a young man with a strange behavior, who came out of the forest which surrounds the city.

They ordered him to stop and asked if he had drugs or weapons with him. He was negative about that, but officers decided to search him. According to the search procedure they had to invite two witnesses. So the officers asked a passing by man to spare them a few minutes. The passer-by reacted unexpectedly – he rushed for running away from the patrol. He could not manage to get away – he was seized by policemen. After another witnesses were found both of the guys were searched and both owned some marijuanna.

But if he didn’t rush away in panic, policeman could easily not notice that he had some forbidden stuff in his bag and he could be a nice witness. A witness for a weed owner carrying some weed himself.


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  1. mark says:

    I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job!

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  3. legal eagle says:

    Cannabis has many medical uses and should not be illegal, rather lightly controlled, like alcohol.

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