1 Man cut off his own penis on a bet of $1000.

Man cut off his own penis on a bet of $1000.

Posted on August 14, 2006 by team

cutted of penis is being put back First in a history of the Latvian medicine doctors have sewn to the man completely cut off genital. As Panorama program of LTV channel says, a man cut off his penis on a bet.
 Doctors of “Gailezers” clinic declared the journalists, earlier there were cases as well when it was necessary to restore the partially amputated penis, this is a first time for a genital to be brought in hospital in a bag. As doctors say, the reason for what happened was a stupidity of the patient – while drinking alcohol he had bet with his friends on 1000 lats ($2000), that he would cut off his “man’s pride “. As the result of his actions the bet in question has been won.
A thirty-year old man has been taken to hospital on 17 of July at night. The plastic surgeon of the Latvian center of microsurgery and plastics Aivars Tikhonov operated the patient. As news-agency Delfi was informed by hospital staff, the patient has lost literaly tons of blood. Urologist Robert Dalis was involved in the operation which lasted 3,5 hours.

“Now I consider a condition of the patient is to be good, – Tikhonov, the doctor, said. – however only in a couple of days it would be possible to check for results of the operation – if the penis gets accustomed or not. I should notice in summer when it is hot outside fabric perish more quickly. The penis has been dirty with sand or something like that, so inspite of antibiotics use, development of a serious infection is possible. Process of curing is also influenced by a state of health of the patient such as amount of the blood he has lost, smoking – every cigarette can become a reason of a fatal spasm of blood vessels”.
 Such kind of operations that took place in Latvi are rare in the world. According to Tikhonov’s words, amputation of a penis occurs very seldom as it usually is covered with clothes, and the mechanism of a trauma should be specific (spining mechanisms, explosion or a bite of an animal). In such cases fabric is seriously damaged, and curing of a penis as a rule is impossible. “Also  mentally sick person can cut off himself a penis. To those who have made it consciously, in the whole world penises are being sewn very seldom. Other reasons on penis amputation and their replantation is needed happen usually once a year or even more seldom.” – Tikhonov said.

We hope you are not planning to do such kind of bets, aren’t you?


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