7 Police and scientists proved: sextoys can be dangerous for your life!

Police and scientists proved: sextoys can be dangerous for your life!

Posted on August 13, 2006 by team

russian sex toy, organic and non-toxicThe commercial police of Sverdlovsk region visited a few sex shops across the area. The purpose of the visits was to make the inspection of sex toys that are being sold. The check included wide range of the products – sex perfumes, underwear, just regular toys. The checks revealed a lot of facts that may distract you from buying a toy. Why? I’ll try to explain.

How about the toys sold without an info of ingredients being used while producing? There were a lot of research in past times concerning the toxins in the sex toys. Many popular toys are made of polyvinil chlorides (PVC) those plastic substances were always protested by eco-activists, for the toxins released during their manufacture and disposal.
In 2000, German chemist Hans Ulrich Krieg found that 10 dangerous chemicals gassed out of some sex toys available in Europe. Sometimes the poisonous concentration reached the numbers that could be charecterized as “off the charts”. Dr. Krieg previously
reaserched for toxins in other consumer goods for over 10 years, but he said that never have never got such shocking results.
While US and Europe have undertaken various restrictions regarding bad toxic chemicals in children toys no such rules exist for adult toys.

The best before date is also often missing. This can easily lead for heavy consequences, allergy reaction for example. Or how about Chinese vibrator or a sex doll which come totally without a recommendations for use? Of course, I can assume it’s not a big deal how to figure the purpose and the directions to use yourself, but there always can be a catch. You know, oriental mentality differs from the western, what if the Chinese vibrator has some underwater reefs? So be careful while you are shopping for a toy. Consult a lot and read the labels.

Also there are a few guidlines that might help you to avoid toxic blast while pleasuring each other. The most toxic-free choice might be thouse of metal or hardened glass. The glass toys are more lasting, safer and less toxic. Many of us try to shop for organic food – same approach can be used while shopping for sex toys. Why not to use a carrot instead of a toy? Just joking. Be organic.


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  1. sex shop says:

    This doesn’t surprise me i only buy my sex toys where they have proof that they actually test there products i guess they don’t have as stricked laws as they do in the US.

  2. Jason says:

    Thank god for NASA,not only do we have things around the house created by the space program,there is also safe hi tech rubber made sex toys.The same rubber the space shuttle astronauts sleep on!!!

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