0 Educational centres will appear in Russian army soon.

Educational centres will appear in Russian army soon.

Posted on August 12, 2006 by team

russian army educates soldiersIn close future in departments of Armed Forces Of Russia 25 educational and practical centres are planned to appear. On their bases future drafts will be able to acquire eight practical professions/skills. As IA REGNUM says 3 educational centres start their work on the 1 of september within the military bases.
As the interviewed person saysd two of them would be placed on the territory of Moscow region, other one in Volgogradskaya oblast’. During their education/training cadets-soldiers will be able not only to get physically ready for the army, but also acquire such a peaceful professions

as a cook, car repairing specialist and others. During the whole program that is called a National project “Education” the Ministry of Arms plans to create 100 educational and training centres. 

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