1 The south on fire

The south on fire

Posted on August 10, 2006 by team

The south on fire For several weeks, the south of Russia has suffered from abnormal heat. Day time temperatures reach 40-43 degrees. Huge damage has already been done to the region – fires have burned out crops and woods, there are continual outages in the electric power supply, and perishable products have been withdrawn from sale. Businesses in the city operate on a reduced schedule. In the meantime, weather forecasters and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures sound the alarm: soon the heat will be replaced by strong downpours with thunder-storms and even hailstones. In some regions storm warnings have already been declared.

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  1. CARLOS says:

    Oh, don’t worry , it’s only the end… Normal waether , here in Brasil… but at the Russian country…

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