1 The cave of Kashey Immortal was found In the Tver Region!

The cave of Kashey Immortal was found In the Tver Region!

Posted on August 10, 2006 by team

kashey.jpgThe governor of the Tver Region Dmitry Zelenin has declared, that the native land of Kashey Immortal will be opened for visiting soon. At press-conference Zelenin has told that his region will develop tourism, using a well-known “fairy brand” for attraction of visitors . In particular, excursion in “Kashey`s Cave” will be offered to tourists near Starica. The governor has told a legend about a local shoemaker who had once met in local stone quarries a monster with burning eyes. “Such in Russian fairy tales Kashey Immortal appears “, – explained Dmitry Zelenin. Besides on the ancient arms of the city of Staritsa the humpbacked old woman with a cane is represented. In opinion of local regional specialists, which was supported by the governor, it exactly is “that Baba-yaga who helped Ivan Tsarevichu to win Kashey Immortal”.
Thrown Stareck stone quarrie are themselves interesting object for tourists. There the limestone for construction of many “whitestone” temples in the Tver and Moscow Regions was extracted. They last on more than 30 kilometers and are known for curative air.

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