Crimean beaches in 20 – 50 years of the XX century

We suggest you to look at a set of old photographs of girls and women, who long ago had a rest on the coast of the Crimea. Photos were made in the first and beginning of the second half of the last century and swimsuits
of bathers fully shows a particular era. Further, the author's words: Some of the most famous Crimean bathers: Empress Alexandra and her maid of honor Anna Vyrubova in the water. (Livadia, 1913)

0 Army 2016 Dynamic show in Alabino

Army 2016 Dynamic show in Alabino

Today the International Military-Technical Forum "Army 2016" opened. Now I want to offer you to look at
the open part of the dynamic show of military technique, which is shown to the mass media.

0 Journey to Wrangel Island

Journey to Wrangel Island

Russian bloger Sergey went to this island and here is his story below: People often ask me: "Are there places where you haven't been, but really want to get there?" of course, such places exist, and one of them is Wrangel Island in the Chukchi Sea. The remoteness and the lack of any logistics make it almost
impossible to visit. The most convenient and comfortable way is to sit on the expedition ship Professor Khromov that commits several expeditions to the island each year. This is exactly what I did for the implementation of my dream and today I'll tell you the story about this amazing journey.

1 Fishing in the North

Fishing in the North

Russian bloger Sergey went there and here is his story below: North fishing differs from the familiar one to us in the middle lane. Here people don't use floats or spinners. Fishermen go waist-deep into the icy water and push a network away from the shore with long wooden sticks, and then watch a seal do not catch a dog-salmon. First, a bit
of wildlife that surrounds the fishermen. These are primarily Horned puffins - birds which I had taken for Atlantic puffins, but they live in the Atlantic, and Horned puffins and Tufted puffins live in Chukotka and they look very similar. Later, I've  learned to distinguish them, and you will also be able to do it:

0 Gudym, Chukotka. Nuclear portal of the Kuzkina mother

Gudym, Chukotka. Nuclear portal of the Kuzkina mother

Even those who worked there did not even know what was inside this top-secret facility. The legacy of the times of "cold war", the storage of nuclear warheads, located in the immediate vicinity from the borders of a potential enemy. Kilometer tunnel carved into the
rocks of Chukotka still have many secrets. Russian blogger Zhzhitel went there and here is his story: I've heard a few names of this place: Magadan-11, Anadyr-1, Object C, Gudym. The locals call it a portal or hole. Let's look inside it.
2 Underwater Leaders. What Is Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky Doing at the Bottom of the Black Sea?

Underwater Leaders. What Is Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky Doing at the Bottom of the Black Sea?

At Cape Tarhankut in Crimea, a hundred meters from the shore, there is an unusual museum - an underwater analogue of Moscow "Muzeon". In 1992, a diver Vladimir Borumensky found at a depth of 12-15 meters the first sculptures of the Soviet leaders, that had already been dismantled in the Crimean cities and towns. Then busts of Lenin, Marx and Voroshilov settled here. Borumensky planed his venture in a big way and wanted to bring Mao, Mussolini, and Napoleon to the Soviet
pantheon. The Emperor has not appeared on the original Walk of Fame, but divers from all over Ukraine started to complement the collection of Soviet leaders. Today in the underwater Museum there are several dozens of exhibits, from Stalin and Dzerzhinsky to Gorky and Gagarin. There is a department of writers, there is Lenin leading the boy by the hand, and the other rare sculptures that do not fit in the traditional Soviet canon.

2 Eric Sabo and His Famous Car Projects

Eric Sabo and His Famous Car Projects

A Russian artist Eric Sabo deserves the title "classic of Soviet design" for the creation of the minibus "Youth". Actually, Mr.Sabo is the author of dozens of projects, many of which were translated into serial production. In 1957,
Eric Sabo, a graduate of the Moscow School of Industrial Art (the famous "Stroganov"), was sent to the Likhachev plant. To check the "professional suitability", the fellow had to update the appearance of the ZIS-110.
3 Abandoned Soviet Scientific ship laying in the dried Aral sea

Abandoned Soviet Scientific ship laying in the dried Aral sea

The Sea, the infamous Aral Sea has left this land. Now it is a desert. The Sea dried up rapidly during the 20th century and some ships decided to stay here as a monument to the sea. Now they decay
and here is one of them - a Soviet Scientific ship "Otto Schmidt". Before it was a real ship in the real sea. Now the sea is gone. Let's see how it was before and how it is now:

0 Colored photos of Soviet people 1957-1964

Colored photos of Soviet people 1957-1964

A massive collection of Soviet people on color photos from a "Soviet Gold Era".
Different sorts of people - city citizens, children, elders, sellers etc etc. Enjoy!

1 Big Fire in Moscow

Big Fire in Moscow

Yesterdy there was a big fire in Moscow and
sadly nine firemen became victims of this.

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